Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wellness Stimulus Package

We all have co-workers who show up regularly but who demonstrate less than predictable productivity. Have you ever felt like knocking on their head, peering into their ear, and asking "Is there anyone home in there?" Maybe they need a "Wellness Stimulus Package." When things are stressful outside of work, attention and energy can be compromised at work and at home. Let's face it, in these uncertain economic times, who isn't stressed?If you are working: Be sure to take time to take care of yourself. Worry can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. Invest some time in doing things that renew you and don't drain your bank account. How about a walk? A visit to the library to borrow a book, a DVD, or some music? If you've lost your job: There are many others in your shoes. Reach out for support. Stay in touch with people who inspire you and bring you up. And remember to stay healthy in body and mind as you look for new work. If you are an employer or supervise others: It is crucial to pay attention to the wellness of your employees at times like these. Anxiety about job or financial stability or problems at home can seriously compromise your work force and your bottom line. Make sure those who make your business work know that you are invested in their well being, at work and beyond. Intentional Harmony and its partners are committed to the well-being of working people. We provide support in the workplace or self-study options. Contact us for tailored, affordable, and proven solutions to work-life management challenges. Our "Wellness Stimulus Package" really works!

Wellness must be protected especially when the economic environment is uncertain.

This entry submitted by Angela Wiley.

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This sounds like a great idea!